Lacy-GCHS CH Spinnaker’s Eska Creek IceMaiden RA CGC

About Eska Creek Chesapeakes

The dream of Eska Creek Chesapeakes started the day we decided to get our Chessie, Blue. 

Blue was the sweetest little guy, just enamored with my husband from day one. He sat in the puppy pen patiently waiting for his turn to be picked up, simply staring, and watching every move “Dad” made. Eventually, he was picked up, and the little guy was just in heaven.

The calmness of that first meeting was no fluke. For those who know the breed, this is no small thing. Temperament with any breed of dog is important, with a Chesapeake, any hunting dog really, it is crucial. There was a discussion of a wilder, more aggressive pup, but I lobbied for the quiet boy who never took his eyes of his person. Eventually, with some help from our breeder Lynda Barber Wiltse, the boy with the little blue collar was chosen., and eventually named  Nuka Bay’s Eska Blue Shooter.

His show career is over now, but he had a wonderful time in the show ring and worked for me always. He is now known as AKC GCH CH Nuka Bay’s Eska Blue Shooter.

He has gone now, but he had many adventures in the hills around our home in Alaska.

CH Spinnaker's Chirp In The Tall Grass FDC CGC
-GCHS CH Spinnaker’s Eska Creek IceMaiden RA CGC

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  1. I’m from bethel ak and I’m interested in purchasing a pup,puppy, is the price for a male.

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