Lacy-GCHS CH Spinnaker’s Eska Creek IceMaiden RA CGC

5-week photos of the Slammer X Dicca Litter.  Boys Available. 


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Training for a Muzzle

Teaching Your Dog to Accept a Muzzle: A Step-by-Step Guide One of the worst feelings as a dog owner or trainer is having a dog

What is a “Preservation Breeder”?

Preservation Breeders: Preserving the Legacy of Purebred Dogs Preservation breeders play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and legacy of purebred animals. In a

Good Dog Breeder Badge-Eska Creek Chesapeakes

All Breeders are Not the Same

Not all breeders are created equal. There are good breeders and bad breeders, and it is important to do your research before you choose a breeder.

A good breeder will be knowledgeable about the breed, health testing their dogs and socializing their puppies. A good breeder will have just as many questions for you as you have for them. 

New AKC Champion at Eska Creek

CH SPINNAKER’S CHIRP IN THE TALL GRASS FDC CGC After the last 2 weekends of driving around Central Kansas, Miss Burdi is (pending AKC Confirmation)

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