Lacy-GCHS CH Spinnaker’s Eska Creek IceMaiden RA CGC

The Future of the Breed...

At the CIKC 2019 Show
Dicca & Lacy

The future of this breed as in all others rests in the hands of the breeder. This is a huge responsibility. Breeders agonize and plan and change the plan to make sure they are making the best possible decision for each breeding. Many factors are considered, but reputable breeders are looking for the best option for both their dogs and the breed in general. 


Therefore, we practice careful breeding and following an application and evaluation process to make sure our pups are placed appropriately. Puppies are placed  based on the needs of the pup and the needs, and lifestyle of the family.  


Not every dog should be bred. Ethical Breeders do a litany of Health tests, do temperment evaluations, and tests to determine if the dog is a good representative of the breed and all of the necessary characteristics of that breed. 

We place puppies with Limited Registration pending proper Health/Genetic Testing and Hip and Elbow Clearances. Contact me if you have questions about this policy. I will be happy to explain what that means and why we believe that it is important. 

Health Records for our dogs can be found at, you can search by registered name, in our case, you can look up Eska Creek, no one else uses that name. 

For more information on Health Testing for this and other breeds go to the  Canine Health Information Center.