Lacy-GCHS CH Spinnaker’s Eska Creek IceMaiden RA CGC

AKC PAL Eska Creek’s Jezabel  Rescued by Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue and made part of our family in 2009.

Jesse came to us through CBRR&R  in 2009, and she was a wonderful addition to our 4-legged family. We lost her in 2021, and she is missed. 

We needed a companion for our young boy, Blue. Someone (besides us)who could tire him out, keep him active,  and keep him company.  His little dog buddy, a Pomeranian named BB had passed away, and he was lonely. Knowing the breed and the needs for activity, we thought that adopting a rescue Chessie would be a great idea.

Ed found Jesse on the CBRR&R Rescue website and fell in love with her. We sent some emails, filled out the paperwork, and started the adoption process. We soon found out that getting from Alaska to Jesse’s foster home in Nebraska was no easy task. Ed flew from Alaska and drove from Denver to her foster home to meet her and bring her home.  After the paperwork, vet checks, and some pointers from her Foster “Mom”, they bonded on the trip home. The CBRR& R volunteer, Christie,  was wonderful and gave us great information on how to deal with a special dog.

This pretty girl has made Alaska her home and  Jesse plays in the snow, hunts grouse, swims, and retrieves bumpers and birds to hand(most of the time, she is a Chessie after all). It took over a year for her to really believe that she was here to stay and that we would not; starve her, or beat her, or leave her.

While we will never truly know what happened in her former home, we have some pretty good ideas, based on her reaction and behavior to certain situations. Let’s just say, there is a special place in hell for someone who would do that to a 6-month-old pup.

She is flashy and fast, so we got her an  AKC PAL registration so that we can try some performance event training. Jesse is also a great family protector. She always makes sure to let us know if there is any person, dog, or any moose in her “Territory”.

We are so glad that we have had the opportunity to know Jesse. She has enriched our lives in ways we had never imagined. She has taught us so much about the breed, and she is a daily example of patience, trust, loyalty, forgiveness, and most of all love.

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