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All Dog Breeds are NOT Created Equal

All Dog Breeds are NOT created equal

All Dog Breeds are NOT Created Equal

Whether you are looking for a pet, a hunting companion, or a performance partner, choosing the correct breed will have a huge effect on your success.


As breeds were developed over time, choices were made on “desired traits” for the purpose of the dogs. Check out what the AKC says about How Important those differences really are.

Does Dog Breed Affect Behavior? In a Word, Yes.



Puppy Vet Check

What do the Experts say about the current and Future Staus of the Chesapeake Bay retriever?

What Does The Future Hold For Chesapeake Bay Retrievers? This article talks to experts in Breeding and Judging our favorite breed. 

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are not just dogs – they’re a way of life. And if you’re one of their proud owners, you’re probably wondering what the future holds for your furry companion. After all, this is one question every dog owner has at least once.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers can be found in many sizes, but the Breed standard is males 23-26″ and females 21-24″.

Check out the article from Breed Gurus, Breeders and Judges at

PureDogTalk Podcast on Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

What a great opportunity to hear from an expert on the breed. Betsy Horn Humer is a breeder, judge, and a lifelong Chesapeake Bay Retriever owner. This conversation is 45 minutes of heaven for Chesapeake lovers.

My favorite Podcast for all things purebred dogs is Pure Dog Talk. This is a great resource for all kinds of information about dogs of all breeds. 

Check out the podcast on Chessies, with Laura Reeves and Betsy Horn Humer at  Pure Dog Talk-Chessies

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