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A Better Life.

Jessee the Chessie

Jessee the Chessie, aka Eska Creek’s Jezabelle PAL  -7/4/2007-5/20/2021

We gave her a better life.  We got Jessee from Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue in 2009. She was a hard case and she had been with her foster Mom, Christie, for nearly a year.  

My husband did not know anything about the policies and procedures for the rescue group.  But it was love at first site, so he flew to Nebraska, pleaded his case, and demonstrated that he would be able to work with her.  She turned on to him, and with the rescue organization’s blessing, he was allowed to bring her home. They drove from Lincoln to Denver, and the bond was cemented. She was bonded only to her person. Aloof beyond the norm even for a Chessie, no one else mattered but him.

Jesse had been mistreated by her previous owner. She was terrified that her food would be taken away. Frantic when her water bowl was not full.  It was a struggle (only leashed) to kennel her for nearly a year after we got her. Because of her start, we did not push her. It was not likely to go well if we did.

She swam, retrieved for fun, and played. She was a great watch dog. Her territory was always defended. She taught us so much about Chessies, resilience, and patience.


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