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Safety in the Great Outdoors

It is as important to puppy-proof your yard as it is your house. Never take your eyes off the young ones.
Puppy playing outside
  1. Get rid of debris

  2. Keep trash securely locked up Not only is is an annoying mess, many items in the trash are hazadous; from sharp cans to gooey plastic to bones, and paper.

  3. Hide or remove cords, cables, and wires. if they are there, the pup will find them, and chew them. Try to get ahead of the game.

  4. Remove any obstacles that could trip the puppy up.

  5. Keep fertilizer and other plant care products locked up. Be careful with chemicals like weed killers, pesticides, etc. Always read the labels, especially for fertilizers, weed, insect, and pest killers.

  6. Cover up or remove any potentially harmful plants

  7. Use a dog-safe mulch instead of rocks in your garden. Pups will eat rocks, and they will eat mulch, so look at your yard for safety.

  8. Provide your pup with a place to lie down and rest; a pad, bed or crate will work, or a simple Patio mat.

  9. Be mindful of the time of year and the climate so you can protect your puppy from the elements. Small pups get chilled quickly, and they can overheat just as quickly. Keep the direct sun to a minimum, especially with younger pups. Always have shade and clean water available.

If Pup goes into the garage, it is critical to make sure to put up all poisonous chemicals like those used in antifreeze and cleaning supplies. Most garages are full of attractive dangers, and pup should be watched at all times in that environment.


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